Open Technology employee Milk Arch Waterloo Station LiGO intelligent lighting control set up

Waterloo station’s underground warren benefits from LiGO lighting control

14 December 2015

The Milk Arch is part of Waterloo station’s rabbit warren of interconnecting walkways beneath the station concourse. It is open throughout the morning and evening rush hour to relieve crowding and speed up progress through the station.

Open Technology’s LiGO system controls the lighting in this area instead of allowing it to run at full power all the time. The simple action of dimming the lights to the required level will save Network Rail around 25% in unnecessary energy consumption.

Open Technology Milk Arch Waterloo Station LiGO intelligent lighting control presence detected

However, as an intelligent system, LiGO is also able to control the light in response to both presence detection and time of day. Adjusting the light levels in this way is predicted to achieve annual savings in excess of £8,000.

Safety considerations are of paramount importance in this kind of application. LiGO includes a simple override function and, in the event of a complete mains failure, will provide sufficient emergency lighting levels to facilitate safe evacuation.

LiGO also ensures that the emergency lighting is tested automatically. In addition to routine testing, the whole system is continuously monitored with fault alarms sent directly to the office.

Open Technology Milk Arch Waterloo Station LiGO intelligent lighting control no presence detected

The engineers are fully trained and can undertake all aspects of system maintenance without input from Open Technology. The LiGO system also comes with a comprehensive warranty for two years from handover.

The project was undertaken in partnership with contractors Ede & Wilkinson Group. Steven Harris, Southern Area Manager, comments: “We have completed several projects with Open Technology, which have all been straightforward. Together we enjoy a very successful record of installing the LiGO system to Network Rail’s satisfaction.”

LiGO has now been introduced at over 30 stations and train depots in partnership with the Network Rail/South West Trains Alliance. The system consistently achieves savings of 35% and is part of an ambitious climate change and energy reduction strategy that is estimated to achieve total annual savings of £7–12 million.