The Right Guys

26 October 2012

Shepherd’s House was originally the School of Nursing at Guys Hospital. It now houses Physiotherapy teaching, Applied Biomedical Research, Human Physiology and Aerospace Medicine Research and the Chantler Clinical Skills Centre. This is the largest centre of its kind in the UK.

In the centre nursing and medical students train how to deal with patients and have equipment to practise their skills, ranging from simple models for suturing and blood taking practice, up to the sophisticated cardiology patient simulators.

The building has been completely refurbished during the summer of 2012 and the centre now has a mix of fluorescent and LED lighting with its control being optimised by LiGO.

This is the first site where the Trust’s Emergency Lighting Partners ID Fire and Security will have access to the LiGO’s web page. From here they will ensure that the test reports and any repairs required can be recorded and actioned promptly.

LiGO will reduce the time spent walking and checking fittings in situ as both function and duration tests are carried out automatically when the centre is unoccupied.