Real lighting control is clear to see with LiGO

26 June 2013

Just by looking at these 2 LiGO screens for a few seconds, any facilities or energy manager can immediately see that LiGO’s control is Spot-On!

 The Westcroft meeting room


The Westcroft is a typical meeting room. The orange line shows the measured light level in the room, the green line in the middle shows when the lights are on and to what level they are on at, finally the green dots below show the PIR triggering when people are in the room. It’s clear at a glance the lights are being used only when the room is in use and the lights are usually selected to a scene which use 50% light output from the LED lights. As you can see on Monday meetings took place with the staff choosing not have the lights on.

Walkway One


Walkway one is a typical thoroughfare through the centre of a large open plan office space again at a glance we see the light levels never need to come on to 100%, so saving energy. The pattern of use matches exactly the working time of the staff and you can even see the guard tour is carried out over the weekend and evenings.

Ask yourself can you see the savings being made by your lighting control system.

With LiGO you certainly can!