Open Technology works in partnerships with end users, installers, contractors, lighting companies and project managers across the UK and internationally to deliver the benefits of intelligent lighting control.

UK and Irish Partners

Our partner company Synapsys Solutions develops innovative products that assist the building user to integrate the building controls, HVAC and metering components and then visualise the energy and power usage in real time. This insight helps customers understand, improve and optimise how their building performs. 


Based in Dublin, Standard Control Systems is one of the largest providers of Integrated Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS/BMS) in Ireland. Our projects include Saint Mary’s College Belfast.

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Powell Systems Engineering specialise in building energy management and control systems. Our projects together include Toys R Us, Imperial College London and Enfield Borough Council.


Demma is a UK based Building Energy Management System specialist. Our work together includes installing intelligent lighting controls at Birmingham International Airport.


tftull is one of the UK’s largest independent specialist in building management control systems and panels. Open Technology worked in partnership with tftull at Imperial College London.


RIDI is a leading manufacturer of technical luminaires specialising in interior lighting. Our projects together include Croydon College and Cynon Valley Hospital.

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International Partners

Open Technology has been working in partnership with Copenhagen-based DAS (Dansk Automatikservice ApS) for over 4 years. Our projects have ranged from reducing unnecessary consumption at the Danish Air Traffic Control Centre, to creating an ideal environment for visitors and animals at Cophenhagen Zoo’s flamingo and polar bear houses.


Lindpro is a large Danish installer with headquarters in Glostrup.


SE Energi & Klima is the climate division of one of Denmark’s largest utilities, SE.


Hotelo is Israel’s major supplier of large integrated projects for total building management. Open Technology and Hotelo have worked together for the Leonardo Hotel in Tel Aviv.