Partner Profile: Standard Control Systems

11 April 2016

Sean-O'Toole-webWant to know more about Open Technology’s partners and how our services work for them? There’s a growing number of manufacturers and systems integrators working with Open Technology. In 2016 we’re profiling the people behind the projects that use LiGO.

This week we interviewed Sean O’Toole, Founder and CEO of Standard Control Systems. Based in Dublin, they’re one of the largest providers of Integrated Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS/BMS) in Ireland.

Why is lighting control important for your business?

Because we’re a technology company involved in the area of Building Energy Management Systems, LiGO is vital for our operations. Typically, lighting represents up to 20 percent of a building’s energy load, therefore it would be remiss of us not to know where this energy is best utilised and reduce overall consumption.

We all know LiGO saves money and energy for its users, but what are the features that matter most to you?

For us it’s the sheer simplicity in terms of design and integration with the BEMS.

Is LiGO easy to use? What makes it different?

It was designed by BEMS engineers: that’s self-evident. It sits seamlessly and comfortably with the BEMS and this means that the BEMS commissioning engineer can also engineer the lighting control system.

How did LiGO help you achieve your objectives on recent projects?

We told the client it would be easy for us to integrate the lighting system with the BEMS and it was. We also stated that the LiGO front-end would be a breeze to understand upon completion and it was.


You can find out more about Standard Control Systems on their website, and read about our work together at Saint Mary’s University College in Belfast.