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Partner Profile: RIDI Lighting

7 June 2016

James Callcut RIDI - Open Technology – intelligent lighting controlWant to know more about Open Technology’s partners and how our services work for them? There’s a growing number of manufacturers and systems integrators working with Open Technology. In 2016 we’re profiling the people behind the projects that use LiGO.

This week we interviewed James Callcut, Lighting Control Product Manager at RIDI Lighting Ltd. Being a leading manufacturer of technical luminaires specialising in interior lighting, they aim to deliver the highest possible energy efficiencies.

Why is lighting control important for your business?

Lighting control adds value to our business portfolio and helps secure lighting specifications. Being able to offer both quality lighting and a bespoke, high-end control system, we are able offer our clients a complete lighting package, which meets and often exceeds their expectations.

We all know LiGO saves money and energy for its users, but what are the features that matter most to you?

For us, core stability, a friendly user interface and tailored floor plans are the most important features. For our customers it’s more control of their products. By offering a stable, easy-to-use interface, our clients can easily monitor and often tweak the lighting to suit their ongoing business demands.

Is LiGO easy to use? What makes it different?

LiGO stands out from traditional control systems with its clear interface and ease of programming. And even though it offers of plethora of functionalities, navigating around the software is seamless. This allows our customers to access their control systems without the need for expensive call-out charges.

How did LiGO help you achieve your objectives on recent projects?

We have used LiGO on projects where clients had lighting control specifications that had be future proof – it had to meet their ongoing demands. We offered them a system that is flexible and can be expanded. Couple this with the intrinsic working relationship between RIDI and Open Technology, and we are able to discuss and develop changes to the control structure, which in turn cements the sales of lighting products.

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You can find out more about RIDI on their website, and read about our work together at Croydon College and Cynon Valley Hospital.