Parking Success!

6 June 2011

South West Trains (SWT) have just opened a new multi-million pound five-storey car park conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from Southampton Airport Parkway station and the airport terminal check-in area.

The new facility has the capacity to hold 575 cars and marks the final phase of South West Trains’ car park investment programme which has seen the addition of 2000 parking spaces across the train company’s network since the beginning of it’s franchise. The new multi-storey car park at Southampton Airport (Parkway) Station is fully lit by LiGO from Open Technology a DALI energy efficient lighting system.

A single LiGO panel with 3G Modem connection to the web ensures the DALI Lighting is controlled to the optimum level 24/7 and any faults are reported promptly.

Customers will notice that lights are on only where necessary and when it’s a bright day lights will be off. A visible sign of SWT’s commitment to save energy wherever practical.

The car park is covered throughout by monitored CCTV cameras for improved passenger security.

Cashless Pay and Display machines will allow payment by debit and credit cards, making parking even more convenient for passengers using Southampton Airport Parkway.