Open Technology’s smart lighting a hot topic in Israel

4 May 2017

The benefits of Open Technology’s smart lighting control systems being part of building management systems have received further attention in Israel.

Open Technology’s LiGO systems were a hot topic at an April sales conference held by Hotelo, Israel’s leading supplier of large integrated projects for total building management.

Last year Open Technology signed a partnership with Hotelo that would ensure the UK company’s LiGO technology was available in Israel.

More than 60 delegates at last month’s conference gathered to hear a range of topics for building services, from fire control to lighting systems.

LiGO was a topic for discussion with delegates seeing how the Open Technology systems were used to control DALI Type 8 drivers, where the colour temperature of a building’s lights could be varied throughout the day to provide the best environment possible where artificial light is required.

Pictured here is Hotelo’s Shraga Lavi as he explains the benefits of LiGO to conference attendees.

LiGO is based on the manufacturer-independent DALI standard that ensures interchangeability and interoperability of lighting system components. This makes it possible to create flexible, cost-effective and decentralised lighting systems. DALI addressable solutions can function as a standalone system or as part of a building management system.