Open Technology maintains its track record in 2014

2 April 2014

Open Technology’s highly successful track record of delivering intelligent lighting control across train infrastructure and stations continues full steam ahead in 2014. The first half of the year will see LiGO installed at Surbiton and Fleet stations, as well as the Wimbledon Train Crew Centre. These projects will take the total number of installations at South West Trains properties to 31.  

Over the last year, Open Technology worked closely with South West Trains’ IT department to integrate LiGO into their network. This allows each site to email emergency lighting test reports directly to their maintenance desk and provide information about light failures to their maintenance contractor. In addition, 8 of the contractor’s technicians are now fully trained and equipped with a Notebook PC to undertake maintenance of the systems themselves.


Open Technology Managing Director Chris Bedford explains:

“This is an ideal model for how to use LiGO intelligent lighting control. Having a built-in web server and only requiring an internet browser to view the system, provides a low-cost solution that allows technicians to respond quickly to faults. Most importantly, this setup keeps the systems operating and delivering the maximum possible energy savings.”

Visit our case study for more information on our work with the Network Rail / South West Trains Alliance, including our recent high profile project at Clapham Junction.