Open Technology enters a new era

27 June 2018

Open Technology, providers of the new LiGO+ intelligent lighting control system for DALI LED luminaires, has entered into a new era of ownership and growth.

Harvey Roft and Andy Devine, Directors and co-owners of Synapsys Solutions, have become the CEO and CTO of Open Technology, driving through operational improvements and introducing the new LiGO+ technology.

We welcome James Lane, who has recently joined Open Technology as the new Commercial Director. James has previously worked at Philips and Synapsys for many years and has already opened up new markets and opportunities for the LiGO+ lighting technology, also in conjunction with the Synapsys SIP+ energy products.

Additionally we are pleased to announce that Sam Bedford, after 8 years with Open Technology, has been promoted to the new role of Engineering Manager. Sam is responsible for overseeing the team of engineering specialists at Open Technology, as well as bringing his extensive expertise and experience to lighting projects across the company.

Harvey Roft, CEO of Open Technology said: “The changes we are making at Open Technology commercially, technically and operationally will enable the company to increase its product offerings, better serve our existing customers and develop new opportunities” and grow Open Technology to the next level”.