LiGO+ Intelligent lighting control

LiGO+ Intelligent lighting controls enable both full functionality and impressive energy savings through a solution that is simple and cost-efficient. LiGO+ is suitable for all types of building and can work alongside other building systems to ensure maximum energy savings and minimal maintenance requirements.

The LiGO+ Intelligent lighting control web pages allow you to set up the system, create reports and adjust settings. It gives you access to a range of features including: time zone control, emergency override, alarm reporting, energy graphs, and emergency reporting.

LiGO+ is based on the manufacturer-independent DALI standard that ensures interchangeability and interoperability of lighting system components. This makes it possible to create flexible, cost-effective and decentralised lighting systems. DALI addressable solutions can function as a standalone system or as part of a building management system.

LiGO+ Intelligent lighting control

LiGO+ Intelligent lighting control


The LiGO+ Intelligent lighting control solution can be scaled to suit all building types and functions, and is cost-effective for retrofit, refurbishment or new build projects. Designed for use by the building user, LiGO+ needs no additional front end software and as many users as required are able to use the system without purchasing additional user licenses. Following online training, users can adjust times, and set points and occupancy profiles throughout their building. Watch our demonstration video to see the full functionality of LiGO+ in action.


Time Control

Lighting output and settings can be matched to your building’s exact occupancy times, adapt to changes in daylight saving time and even accommodate public holidays.



Our control system can easily by integrated into Building Management Systems (BMS) to ensure that all systems work together to deliver full functionality and maximum savings.


Presence Detection

Lights switch on or off when presence or absence is detected. This delivers optimal energy savings whilst ensuring the building is always ready for use.


Emergency Lighting

LiGO+’s simple built-in ‘Test Scheduler’ enables functional and duration tests to be set up then executed automatically. Results can be stored in the system or automatically sent via email.


Daylight Balancing

External light not only allows you to create a more natural, enjoyable environment, it’s also free. Automatic switching or dimming ensures light levels respond to maximise and complement the available daylight.


Scene Setting

Light levels and effects can be programmed according to the changing uses of a building. These can then be automatically programmed, controlled via web login or changed at the touch of a button.



Light levels can be controlled according to changing uses of the building, for example lowering output when the building is being cleaned in the evenings. This drives further savings whilst ensuring the building is still functional.


Condition Monitoring

LiGO+ continuously monitors every component of the system and records the hours run and output level for each. Any failure in a light fixture is automatically reported and can be used as ‘hard evidence’ for resolving warranty claims.


Ventilation Control

LiGO+ can also control heating and cooling systems according to time or occupancy. This control can be applied to ring main circuits in the building where, for example, large numbers of PCs are left switched on overnight.



LiGO+ provides clear and accessible reports on status, emergency tests and energy use. These are timed reports and can be simply set up by the user.

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