Ligo helping Allianz reduce its carbon footprint

18 February 2013

Allianz Insurance is one of the largest general insurers in the UK. Their goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 55% per employee by 2015, based on 2006 figures.

The building in Milton Keynes prior to Allianz taking up the lease, had a number of internal partitions removed and the floor was raised resulting in a low ceiling (2.6m) with poor light distribution. In addition, a metal grid ensured that lights could only be positioned in specific locations across the ceiling, not ideal for the location of desks and work stations. This was the challenge Allianz placed on Light Planet, replace the existing 4 x 18W recessed fluorescent modular fittings with energy saving lights that could improve the overall distribution of light in the space, and be tailored to suit individual work stations. Steve Edwards, Light Planet’s Technical Director had to design a lighting layout that not only allowed for the restrictions imposed by the ceiling layout, but also provided the most uniform distribution of light at an average lux no greater than 500. The installation of 118 LED Edge Lit panels achieved this in place of the existing 146 4-tube fluorescent fittings.

Intelligent lighting control became a must and, working with Open technology, Light Planet designed the scheme to utilize the LIGO control system which uses the DALI protocol to individually control each light fitting. Once installed and commissioned, the system has allowed Allianz to tailor light levels to suit individual’s work stations and maintain an operational load that is 65% of full power.

A single LiGO panel controls the open plan office and two meeting rooms. The system is connected to Open Technology’s engineers over a 3G modem supplied as part of the LiGO panel.  The system has 118 lights, 24 combined light level and PIR sensors and switches.

The lighting is controlled to function in such a way as to:

  • Maximise energy savings.
  • Delivering a comfortable working environment.
  • Operate on a time profile that reflects working times.
  • Switch on and off with occupancy.
  • Respond to daylight levels.
  • Set to various scenes to match the activity in the meeting rooms.

Overall this has created a more enjoyable working environment whilst delivering considerable reduced energy consumption. The installation of the intelligent LIGO control system has reduced the energy consumption of the office lighting by an additional 35%. This is on top of the 60% energy reduction achieved by replacing traditional T8 modular fluorescent fittings with Light Planet’s LED edge lit panel.

Allianz will continue to monitor the success of this project, from energy saving and personnel feedback, and will work with LightPlanet and Open Technology to implement similar schemes in other buildings throughout the UK.