Lighting Controls

Whether it’s providing the right working environment, protecting our security or complementing architectural design, lighting is one of the most fundamental components of our buildings. Lighting can make it safe to work at night, allow us to complete complex tasks, make us more likely to spend, make it easier to focus, or help us relax.

But this range of functionality comes at a price. Lighting is responsible for a whopping 20% of electricity produced. With businesses increasingly committing to ambitious carbon reduction strategies and energy bills heading in only one direction, lighting has become a quick and easy target for driving down consumption.

Energy-efficient lighting technology has seen major advances in recent years, with LEDs in particular now able to offer significant energy and maintenance savings across a range of applications. Fixtures alone, however, are only part of the solution. In the rush to install new technology we are forgetting that if we want to drive the highest possible energy savings whilst creating comfortable, effective and responsive environments, we have to control it and control it correctly.

Lighting Controls are an integral part of any lighting project. Without them, LEDs still waste in excess of 30% in unnecessary consumption; they cannot be monitored to verify savings, payback or lifetime claims; they cannot respond to the changing needs of a building, for example to match daylight levels, create different working environments or adjust to people’s presence.

The ability to do this is not revolutionary. In fact, most buildings already control the vast majority of systems such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning through their building management system. We simply apply the same solution to lighting with our LiGO+ Intelligent lighting control solution. In doing so, we achieve additional savings in the range of 30 to 40% and enable your lighting to create environments that respond to your exact needs.

Looking ahead, it’s clear that delivering significant energy and carbon savings whilst continuing to grow, innovate and perform will be a key challenge for all businesses. Lighting is an obvious and rewarding area to start to make changes, whilst today’s advanced technology offers the potential to significantly improve built environments.

Lighting Controls are key to meeting these objectives. Specified alone, LED solutions are impressive. Coupled with intelligent control systems they represent the future of highly efficient, highly functional lighting design.


Lighting is responsible for 20% of electricity produced


LEDs still waste in excess of 30% in unnecessary consumption


We achieve additional savings in the range of 30 to 40%


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