KNX replaced by LiGO at Wink Haus

9 July 2012

Following on from the success of replacing the failing KNX system which we reported on back at the beginning of 2011 Wink Haus now has LiGO throughout the building. Phase 2 of the project extended LiGO and incorporated new DALI light fittings.

As part of the 3 steps to a successful project we identified:

  1. Waste caused by inefficient lighting and poor control and calculated the cost of the waste. We also considered the effect poor lighting was having on staff and the saving that could be made by using LiGO to test the building’s emergency lighting automatically.
  2. Selection of new energy efficient light fittings and a control regime that would be tailored to how the building is used, ensuring where ever possible natural light is used and lights are never on when there is nobody in the work areas.
  3. On-going monitoring to ensure the project savings are realised.

We worked with George Smith the Quality Assurance and Building Manager and Canham Electrical Services to deliver the project in the most cost effective way. All that remained was to remove the out dated, difficult to use and expensive to maintain KNX components and place them in the appropriate recycling bins.

If you have a lighting control system which does not work you could be pleasantly surprised what LiGO could do for you.