Keele Hub for Sustainability (Home Farm) promotes green living on the campus and in the community

5 January 2012

Central to this project was the renovation of a derelict 19th Century farmhouse which is situated in the grounds of Keele University. Home farm was selected to become The Sustainability Hub Building. It was designed to be highly sustainable, and thermally efficient, and achieved a BREEAM excellent rating where practicable.

It has turned the derelict farm into a research and educational complex that is also completely energy efficient. As part of this LiGO was selected to control the building’s lighting.

The building has:

  • An Exhibition Area, to display the most important technologies.
  • Resource Centre, housing both computer-based and hard-copy information.
  • Training and Education facilities, in which businesses and community members can attend short courses, consult with experts, and evaluate ‘sustainable’ options.
  • Applied Research wing, evaluating technologies throughout the campus, and elsewhere.
  • The Earth Observatory, an ‘outreach centre’ to demonstrate the environmental importance of the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and the earth’s mantle.

Now complete the LiGO system can not only be used to control the buildings lighting but a PC provides students and visitors with chance to see how simple good lighting control can be.