How We Work With You

No upfront costs

LiGO+ is based on DALI, the lighting industry open protocol designed to provide exacting control by making every device addressable. DALI does not lock customers to suppliers. Choose LiGO+ and you retain choice. There are no ongoing licence fees and the system comes with everything you need to manage the way your lighting works.


We firmly believe you know your building best and your innovations are what will deliver ongoing improvement. That’s why we offer training on your system to meet your requirements. Your LiGO+ system comes with everything you need to manage your building’s lighting and gives you the confidence to try new things.

Ongoing support

A key requirement for any system is that the relevant supporting documentation is readily available and easy to follow. A full suite of technical support documentation can be downloaded here. Our after-sales service is not about fixing your system but improving it; LiGO+’s reliability is second to none and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Design and engineering expertise

We offer close support from concept to design through to quotation. Once in contract we have fully trained engineers who can deliver the project to time, scope and budget. All too often buildings are not correctly commissioned and set to work. We always provide post-handover resources to tune and correct the system, ensuring it delivers the expected performance.

Systems integration

Simple interactions between your building systems can deliver major benefits at minimal cost. Open Technology understands how the whole of your building works, not just the light fittings. LiGO+ can easily be integrated into Building Management Systems (BMS) to ensure that all systems work together to deliver full functionality and maximum savings, improving how your building can work for you.

Working in partnership

Our LiGO+ system coupled with DALI makes for a highly differentiated package. We are happy to work in partnership with end users, installers, contractors, lighting companies and project managers to deliver the benefits of intelligent lighting control. We work with local distribution partners to deliver projects across Europe.


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