Christmas lights – energy saving at South West train stations

15 January 2013

While most of us spent Christmas with more lights on, South West Trains saw it as an opportunity to switch some off! Most of their stations were closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and using the LiGO intelligent lighting controls 12 were selected to trial dimming lights, or switching them off all together. By doing this, they were able to save a significant amount of energy. Seven of these stations provide daily energy data so they are able to see that they saved over 11,000 kWh of electricity. If they assume the same reduction in consumption across the other five stations (ie the ones they do not have data for) then the overall saving is around 19,000 kWh. This is equivalent to five household’s annual electric consumption! This also saved 16 tonnes of carbon, which would fill 16 hot air balloons!

Lights were dimmed or turned off at 12 stations over the festive period.

Stations where the lights were switched/dimmed:

  • Chandlers Ford
  • Putney
  • Winchester
  • Woking
  • Haslemere
  • Weymouth
  • Southampton Central
  • New Milton
  • Portsmouth & Southsea
  • Twickenham
  • Wimbledon
  • Staines