Case Studies

King’s College London


After 18 months of extensive refurbishment, the East Wing of the landmark Somerset House became the new front door to King’s College London. The building was refurbished to the highest standard with public access improved, new lifts installed and the basement floor lowered. Original features were restored alongside a modern interior suited to a contemporary working building. The East Wing provides an extension to King’s College’s Strand campus and includes high quality accommodation for teaching and research.

Open Technology has delivered 13 projects for the university over the last 2 years but, with over 2000 DALI points over 13 LiGOs, this refurbishment was one of the largest we have undertaken to date. Comprising 6 floors and the roof, LiGO controls the lighting and the testing of emergency lighting throughout the area. Teaching spaces, offices and corridors are controlled to ensure that artificial light is only used at the required levels and daylight is used wherever possible.

LiGO shares the status from the PIR sensors in each room with the Trend Building Management System so that the heating and ventilation systems can also be controlled by this information and used only as required. This removes the need for further unnecessary wiring and the purchase of additional occupancy sensors. The sensors can also be controlled from the PC so that nuisance tripping and incorrect trigger times are eliminated from the PIRs.

The university uses a Trend 963 Supervisor across the campus to monitor and control its buildings. The LiGO system ensures that lighting faults and adjustments to times and light levels can be made through the same system that the maintenance staff use every day.