Case Studies

Croydon College


Over recent years Croydon College has undergone an extensive £33 million refurbishment programme including the visually striking Rotunda extension, which houses state-of-the-art learning and social facilities. Open Technology delivered a tailored control interface to allow swift and simple alteration of lighting levels to create the optimum environment for staff and students alike.

The daylight-linking capabilities of the system ensure the best possible use of the daylight that is available from the glazed exterior, creating a more natural ambience whilst driving further savings. Presence and absence detection sensors ensure that corridors and classrooms are well lit whenever in use but not consuming energy unnecessarily.

The controllers are linked by an Ethernet network running on the college LAN, making it possible to view status and make system changes from anywhere on the campus. In the classrooms, daylight and project-friendly lighting scenes can be chosen as required and are even integrated to allow touch screen control of the lighting directly from the lecterns.