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Our intelligent control system is now installed in over 50 B&Q stores across the country. Lighting is one of the major operating costs and managing consumption is crucial to maintain competitiveness.

The LiGO system is able to assume full control by setting lighting scenes according to time of day, time of year, by aisle and or by product area within the store. The lights are automatically configured to switch off from the time the last person leaves and sets the burglar alarm, until the first person un-sets the alarm and the lights come on to a fixed level which is safe for cleaning or stocking the store.

At the start of trading, the store goes to daylight control with the LiGO sensors controlling each aisle to the desired level. With the roof lights this can mean that the lighting can set back to only 30% on a bright day and still maintain an attractive environment in which to shop.

Quick and easy emergency lighting tests can now be carried out from the panel ensuring that fittings are working correctly. In the event of a fire or intruder alarm being detected, an appropriate scene can easily be set. Performance is constantly checked and the use of the 3G modem ensures that faults can be acted upon swiftly.

By installing new energy-efficient light fittings controlled by the LiGO system, B&Q has seen a dramatic reduction in energy consumption that corresponds to a financial saving of around £130 per day per store.


B&Q: 2 more years!
12 May 2011