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Allianz Insurance


Allianz Insurance is one of the largest general insurers in the UK. The group believes that climate change is the most serious threat to the insurance industry and society at large, and has committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their internal business operations. Their goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 55% per employee by 2015.

The Milton Keynes office had proved particularly problematic in terms of lighting maintenance and operational lighting efficiency. With around 100 people working in the office, each with their own lighting likes and dislikes, the whole space appeared gloomy in places and overlit in others.

With highly efficient LED panels replacing the recessed fluorescent modular fittings throughout the office, the introduction of an intelligent lighting control system became a must. Using the DALI protocol to individually control each light fitting, our system has allowed Allianz to tailor light levels to suit individual work stations and maintain an operational load that is 65% of full power.

A single LiGO panel controls the open plan office and two meeting rooms. The system is connected over a 3G modem supplied as part of the LiGO panel. The system has 118 lights, 24 combined light level and PIR sensors and switches. The lights operate on a time profile that reflects working times, switching on and off with occupancy. They are also responsive to daylight levels and, in the meeting rooms, can be set to various scenes to match the activity of the room.

Overall this has created a more consistent, calmer, more enjoyable working environment whilst delivering a considerable reduction in energy consumption. The LIGO control system has reduced the energy consumption of the office lighting by an additional 35% on top of the 60% energy reduction achieved through the introduction of LEDs.

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