Business must take the lead on lighting controls – LUX Magazine article

23 April 2013

The April edition of LUX magazine includes an article by Chris Bedford MD of Open Technology.

“As France commits itself to switching off at night, why are we in the UK still failing to take control of our lighting?”

The article highlights the measures which will come into force throughout France this summer for both internal and external lighting of buildings. Interior lighting in offices must be switched off an hour after staff leave the premises, lighting in shop windows and commercial premises must be off between 1am and 7am, and façade lighting is to be switched off at 1am. This simple move will prevent emissions of about 250,000 tonnes of CO2 a year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 750,000 homes.

Chris Bedford looks at the benefits of lighting controls and how energy savings of often 30-40 per cent can be made simply by switching off lights at night or when buildings are unoccupied.