B&Q: 2 more years!

12 May 2011

With over 60 B&Q Stores now complete throughout the UK Open Technology are delighted to announce our Partnership Agreement with B&Q was automatically renewed.

‘Partnership is about progress.’ Chris explains: Future proofing an investment is a vital consideration in choosing a technology partner. Our first store Aberdeen is now over 4 years old but it shares a lot of the assets still used in Dundee or Grimsby, 2 stores that complete this month.

Results must be demonstrable and the half hourly meter data measures LiGO’s performance continuously. We have demonstrated that the use of sensors in the aisles allows accurate light level control and gives us the ability now to turn off unoccupied areas of the store when the store is being replenished at night. This evolution of the design can be refitted in all stores when ¬†budgets allow and the investment is made with certainty on the payback as there is no hiding place from the results. A situation and a challenge we welcome.