Advantage LiGO

16 July 2012

Wimbledon Station is the latest station to have LiGO installed throughout. 7 LiGO’s have been installed to control all the lighting on the station platforms, concourses, and offices. The installation of LiGO was part of the station rewire undertaken by Giffen Group under the supervision of Osborne Rail.

The project features all the usual energy saving benefits LiGO offers :-

  • Time Control
  • Daylight Linking
  • Presence / Absence Control
  • Dimming
  • Scene setting
  • Emergency Testing

On this project the lighting control is linked to the CCTV so as cameras detect movement in certain areas the light level is increased to draw the individuals attention to the fact that they are being observed and to take extra care.

Completed to time and budget this is the 16th Station completed for South West Trains and Network Rail.