A lighter, brighter ENERGY SAVING concourse for Portsmouth & Southsea Station

5 July 2011

An eight month project to completely replace the 160 year old glass roof at Portsmouth and Southsea station has been completed, resulting in a lighter, brighter concourse for the thousands of passengers who pass through it each day.

The station is a Grade II listed building, so the new roof had to closely match the original design. One difference which was allowed was the use of clear glass rather than the frosted glass used in the original. This will let more natural light onto the concourse, providing a better environment for passengers.

Richard O’Brien, Network Rail’s route managing director for Wessex, said:

This is a great example of how we can improve stations for passengers at the same time as preserving Britain’s rich rail history. The station now has a better environment and ambiance which we hope will make a positive difference to passengers passing through it. We thank people for their patience while we carried out this upgrade.

Jake Kelly, customer service director for South West Trains, said:

Portsmouth and Southsea station will now be far more welcoming for passengers, benefitting from a beautiful new wooden roof and more natural light entering the building.

The project also included the installation of a new LiGO energy-efficient intelligent lighting system designed and installed by Sussex based Open Technology Ltd. Passengers will notice that lights are only on when they are needed, and when they are on they automatically adjust depending how bright it is outside. This is not only helping reduce the cost of running the railway, it is more environmentally friendly, which could save up to 18 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year – the equivalent of seven average cars being taken off the road.